Our Team


Susan Hauser

founder / owner

Susan Hauser

I found yoga ten years ago after my husband passed away from cancer. I had two young boys to raise, but I was fortunate to have family that helped me through challenging times. I found yoga to be different than any other exercise regimen I’d ever done. With any psychical activity, you release endorphins therefore you feel better, but with yoga I experienced something more. Yoga helped me clear my mind, be present and start to manifest my life moving forward. Often in class, I refer to my yoga mat as my therapist. I started teaching six years ago and I am here because I want to share what yoga has done for me. In my class, I share my passion and love. Yoga has enhanced my life and here I am NOW to give you that same sense of enhancement.


our Misson

New Om World (NOW) is a new kind of Multi-Modality Fitness Studio, bringing together the best teachers and trainers in the Bay Area. NOW strives to build a stronger, fitter and healthier [kinder] community by combining the spiritual awareness of self and others through yoga with the character-building discipline and positive energy that traditional fitness brings.


Kaelan Wolford

Her love of yoga is spread through her desire to offer the practice to others. As a mother of two, she keeps grounded and grateful through her practice of yoga. Although she loves teaching children of all ages, her focus is teaching teens how to incorporate yoga into their lives. In a fun and supportive environment, she helps them build confidence and community, as well as strength and awareness. She believes that through breath and movement, teens learn how to flow through the transitions of their lives as they do on their mats; embracing where they are right now. Kaelan plays upbeat, contemporary music in her classes. She believes that yoga can offer a fun, empowering activity that can help teens deal with stress and the transitions they face.

Carla Herzenberg

Transformed by my teachers, life experiences and different styles of yoga that I have practiced over the last 10 years including Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha, Jivamukti and Iyengar, I bring a sense of empowerment, both physical and internal, to every class. Through intention, humor, pranayama and asana my goal is to have every student leave class feeling refreshed, renewed, worked out and powerful. My style of teaching focuses on clear instruction that underscores the important relationship between alignment, breath, fluid movement and strength. I give students both a vigorous and strong physical practice as well as offer an internal connection. I put an emphasis on thoughtful, intelligent sequencing and pace. My classes are physically and mentally challenging, however I always work to meet the students where they are each day. I deliver each class in English and Sanskrit, with music, demonstrations when needed and hands on adjustments. My goal with every class is to create a space for work, expression, enthusiasm, fun, connection, renewal, contemplation and reflection.

reed taylor

I'm the guy you go to when you are done playing around and are ready to get in the best shape of your life.


Carrie Krane

Passionate about the fitness and wellness industry with exceptional ability to create motivating, welcoming communities that drive membership sales and client retention. Resourceful and collaborative in building mutually-beneficial partnerships with local businesses and organizations.


wendy medeiros

An impassioned creative with a staunchly faithful following, Wendy has over 15 years of experience, industry certification + education.  Wendy truly is a one of a kind well-seasoned yogi.

Wendy profoundly believes in the power of a consistent practice with attention to breath, alignment of mind, intention + action.  Wendy believes “results” are not only physical but result in emotional & spiritual growth. She shares her unique teaching style weaving personal insights with a profoundly creative wealth of knowledge + experience.
Wendy creates a place where you can come & explore the potential of your own creative energy.

Outside of NOW you can find her barefoot in a Burmese wrap, traveling the world spreading her loving kind energy, & rescuing cats. All the cats. She resides in the East Bay with her woodworking partner her 3 beloved felines.


Jennifer Marples


Jasmin smith

Yoga first found Jasmine while training for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Very quickly Jasmine found that yoga presented her the opportunity to introduce a special element of ‘ease’ into her life. Over time through yoga she stepped into a real connection with not only her mind, but also her body. She loves offering small moments of connection in her challenging vinyasa flow classes.


Leigh Claxton

Leigh started teaching floating yoga classes in Sausalito, CA as OnBoardSUP in the summer of 2009. In addition to her many Yoga and Fitness certifications, She is a Founding Director of the Professional Stand UP Paddle Association and has Stand Up Paddle Master/Instructor Certifictates with the PSUPA, ASI/WSUPA and is active in theUS Coast Guard Auxially. Leigh teaches SUP, SUP Yoga and SUP Pilates/Fitness classes. OnBoardSUP heald the very first Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. With a 20+ year background in fitness and yoga, 24 years in outdoor leadership and a childhood spent on the water in San Diego, she generously shares her breadth of knowledge to all her students with a kind heart and pioneering spirit.