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Online meal plans, mindful moments and natural solutions for a life worth living. Cleanse your system with our 3day plant based detox. Get on the list to be the first to know when we launch, Peak Performance (Meal Plans designed to give you stamina during your workout and provide you the nutrients needed for recovery), Back to School Lunch Prep Kit (Already running out of ideas for your child's lunch? We have the answer. We've designed lunch programs for kids nationally, feeding over 700,000 kids in a matter of weeks!)


Eat Clean is about real food for real people with busy lives.

Healthy eating produces incredible rewards.  Understanding precisely what nourishes your body – and what makes you feel totally energized and completely alive – is where we shine.

We are Eat Clean Nutrition™.  We will help you reset your relationship with food.  Our focus is on nutrient-dense whole foods – what they are, how to combine them, and when to eat them for optimal health.  We develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs to make lifetime changes for you and your family.

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