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Yoga + Oils Workshop

Yoga + Oils Workshop
October 22 from 3p-4:15pm

Yoga Flow, Savasana Meditation, and oils combining the wisdom of yoga, the magic of natural gifts from the earth and energy healing practices, truly experience a higher vibration, feeling Aligned & Balanced!

Experience 3 custom yoga blends: ANCHOR, ALIGN and ARISE. Optimal for your practice, and your daily living.

Crafted with care, patience, and clarity of intention.


Back 2 School Boot camp
Sept 28 - Oct 27

Join Reed Taylor in this incredible boot camp series.

I'm the guy you go to when you are done playing around and are ready to get in the best shape of your life.

A few spots still available!


The Class by Taryn Toomey
October 7th @ 2pm

2pm Class+ RN Health Stylist Launch Celebration to follow. Superfood smoothies and snacks provided by Navitas Organics.
The Class by Taryn Toomey
a 75 minute cathartic movement experience. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and carefully curated music, this Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort. This class will challenge and enlighten you all while building an incredibly strong, lean resilient body.

COST $40 all profits donated to The Ceres Project. Providing food as medicine solutions for those undergoing cancer treatment

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