MaiaMaia has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and enjoys pulling from many different yoga traditions. Power vinyasa flow has transformed her asanas and has reinforced the breath work side of her practice. Her 200-hour training with Core Power Yoga and additional OnBoardSUP (yoga on paddle boards) teacher training have strengthened her practice and deepened her love of sharing this discipline with others. Her mat (or SUP board) has been the single most transformative space where she can let go of the noise from everyday life, ground down, and build strength—both mentally and physically. This is what she enjoys sharing most with fellow yogis and yoginis. Her classes emphasize building strength through alignment, and letting go of what is beyond the mat to explore and turn the senses inward. In doing such we develop body awareness and find new space within ourselves—we build trajectories of where are bodies can go. She offers hands on adjustments that focus on alignment and deepening each pose. She is fascinated with dichotomies; her classes play between fine-tuning postures with slow isometric holds and fast rhythmic flows, which link breath to movement to a dynamic range of upbeat and melodic music.